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Make it a legal requirement that everyone should have an ambulance called for them.

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Megan Bannister was only sixteen years old when she was plied with MDMA - either by ‘stealth or persuasion’ as the court heard, by two men, Jason Tony Burder and Adam King. During Megan’s last moments of her life, they were more than capable of recording her whilst visibly fitting on Snapchat.

They then proceeded to drive around, with her either dead or dying in the back of their car for four hours without making any real effort to seek medical attention for Megan, even though it is unquestionable that they knew, this point, that there was something seriously wrong with her. In this time, they chose not to help Megan, and instead, looked online for escorts, drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes.

The only reason Megan was found was because they were involved in a collision with a motorcyclist in the early morning. When bystanders and people from the crash scene finally saw Megan in the back, a member of the public asked if the girl in the back was okay, to which Jason replied that she was ‘fine’ and ‘just sleeping’.

Both men remained calm and remorseless whilst people frantically and desperately tried to revive Megan, but unfortunately it was too late, and she had already Passed away. The two of them were charged with gross negligence manslaughter as they had put her in a situation which endangered her and still did nothing to help her. However this charge was dropped due to the prosecution not being able to determine a time of death. This meant that the jury could not be sure if Megan would have survived if an ambulance had been called for her. Megan’s family, friends and I believe everyone is entitled to a right to medical attention if there are subjective and objective facts to believe that a person is in serious danger called and this should be made a basic right and a legal requirement. Please help us get some justice for Megan.

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