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Make it a legal requirement for companies to display the Halal logo when certified.

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After the recent decision by Warburton's to certify their products with the HFA, I am yet to see packaging that is displaying the Halal logo. This is also the case with many companies & products. Mars, for example, have a list of Halal certified chocolate on the HFA website. This list includes Mars, Snickers & Maltesers - none of which have ever been labelled as Halal certified. There are many other products out there that are also not labelled. This is sale by deception as I, and many others that I know, do not want to eat products that have been certified as Halal as it is basically a scam that is there to benefit the Islamic community only, so why should non Muslims contribute to something that we do not get the benefits of?

It should be made a legal requirement to label Halal certified products as such, whether it be confectionary, crisps, pop, meat etc - even restaurants should be made to disclose where every bit of produce that they use in their meals is from.

The simple way to look at it is this - Halal certification didn't take of until the 1980's, and followers of Islam were eating all the same stuff back then, so the only thing that has changed is the greed of certain groups and the willingness of companies to pander to a minority for no other reason than they want to have their own way in a non Muslim country.

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