Make horse riders clean up the faeces their horse leaves on the roads of Britain

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I live in a  village with a lot of horse traffic,  everyday more than a dozen horses are rode or walked along my street and they always defecate and leave the faeces in the middle of the road. 

Like many countryside roads there is no footpath so everyone shares the road, including local children who play outside,  if i walk my dogs on the same street i have to pick up my dogs faeces and dispose of it properly or risk being fined.  This punishment should not discriminate against dog owners but to ALL animal owners,  if the horse defecates in the road the rider should clean up or risk the same fine as dog owners

 Animal manure contains many viruses, bacteria and parasites. Clostridium tetani as being the most serious of these pathogens. As the name suggests that is the bacterium that causes tetanus and it is commonly found in soil that is contaminated with manure

There are 2 options to fix this disgusting problem,  either the horse owner picks up the faeces OR we need street cleaners like the towns have,  we pay the same taxes as people in main towns and cities but in many countryside villages we don't get as many benefits as people from town and cities. 

This is 2018, we live in a time when a horse is a luxury pet rather than a necessity to  working life, if people want to keep them as pets then they should be forced to be responsible pet owners the same as dog owners

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