Make free school meals available to all children in primary and secondary schools.

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Dear Tresrsa May MP

I am writing asking that you and your goverment reconsider your decision to scrap free school meals for Universal Credit house hold children at Primary school age. I’m strongly concerned about the impact the scraping of free school meals will have on the low income families across the country especially those who are and have waited weeks to receive Universal Credit Benifit payments. Which will leave families unable to pay for their children’s lunches in school and run up debt with their children’s schools  for meals left unpaid. I have personally  worked within the education sector and youth services sector and know only too well that not all children have breakfast before school which impacts their concentration energy levels overall health and wellbeing. By scrapping the free meals you are taking away possibly the only guaranteed nutriatious hot meal some children will receive within that day. I feel spending millions of pounds on a Royal wedding is money that could be better spent making sure all school age children receive a free school meal at lunchtime.