Make all leasehold property owners commonhold to protect their assets from forefeiture

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Freeholders are abusing their powers to unfairly bully leaseholders into paying disproprtionate compensation during forfeiture.You can be taken to county court if you improve your flats by upgrading their kitchens or bathrooms in long leaseholds without written freeholder permission.Verbal is not informed consent. They then threaten forfeiture by claiming removal of landlords fixtures fittings without written formal consent.Demanding huge financial compensation and legsl fees of £5,000 plus for simply preparing a section 146 notice. THIS IS CRIMINAL....COMPENSATION IS NOT PROPORTIONATE TO LOSS suffered or fair. Freeholders exploit this loophole to fleece large sums of cash from their leaee tenants who have leasehold convenants restricting their rights under unfairly written leases for flats and houses. WITH A LEASE OF OVER 100 YEARS  it's only reasonable to expect wear and tear over time and to change your kitchen units and replace your bathroom fittings due to wear and tear as this is improving the actual value of the property to a modern hygienic standard. WHY WOULD YOU COMPENSATE LANDLORD FREEHOLDER for an impovement and pay £5000 legal fees on top of the forfeiture  claim? STOP THIS LEGALISED EXTORTION NOW! THE PROPERTY CAN BE FORFEITED AND THE Leaseholders whole property and asset GIVEN BACK TO FREEHOLDER FOR FREE no tax no stamp duty payable! Whilst the leaseholder is made homeless and still has to pay the mortgage debt  after having forked out stamp duty to the government for something they never really owned physically in first place.A leasehold flat is  just a worthless piece of paper for a period of time similar to a rental agreement which can be terminated without the leasee being compensated for their loss financially of their home and its assets via forfeiture..The feeeholder is free to sell your flat and make a large windfall legally for something they did nit pay for.Legalised theft in other words...Forfeiture can be actioned over something trivial and not proportionate to the sum claimed under forfeiture rules which is an incentive for greedy corrupt freeholders to abuse their position as they have the most to gain financially by falsely making allegations to cash grab and bully the poor leaseholder with fear into paying whatever sum demanded...An englishmans home is not his castle in eyes of the english law in a leasehold system.Be warned avoid the leasehold trap where it's set up to benefit freeholders and the legal system of lawyers who both win time and time again at your expense! Vote for Commonsense and Commonhold tenure now to protect your biggest asset your HOME and abolish this archaic outdated unfair feudal legal system of pretend ownership.