Lower the fees for a child to exercise the right to register as a British Citizen

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An estimated 120,000 children in the UK neither have British citizenship nor immigration leave to enter or remain. Many of those children are entitled to British Citizenship.

However, the current fee of £1,012 per child to register is preventing many from exercising their right. The child is not seeking a benefit but simply a recognition of the existing right to register as a British Citizen. A child can never be able to pay this sort of money and therefore exercising the right depends on the parent’s financial situation.

Only £372 of the £1,012 is said to constitute the cost of administration, leaving a profit of £640 to the Home Office.

My own children, who were born in this country in 2004 (my husband and I are both German but have since naturalised), have since lived here, speak English as their first language and feel just as much British as their friends at school, will have to register and pay the fee to exercise their right.

Please sign this petition to support the many children who have been deprived of their British Citizenship by a fee that cannot be justified. I call on the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to lower the fees and remove the profit-making part.