Londoners for clean air, take action! Your health is at risk

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We must create awareness, we must take immediate action! It is a matter of urgency we cannot wait for 2030!

The levels of NO2 are currently at double of the WHO guideline levels. Air pollution is mainly caused by traffic and diesel fumes.The UK has been in breach of the EU's nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits since 2010 and will not meet them before 2030. London is the second most visited city in the world and Oxford street the most polluted street on Earth. London's air pollution is shocking and our leaders are not focusing on the health risks associated with it. It is a real matter of life or death. London has a serious problem.


It aggravates respiratory problems by inflaming the lungs, it worsens asthma and bronchitis, suppresses lung growth in children, slows foetal brain growth and has long term health effects on children. It increases the risk of heart problems and strokes in adults. Inhaling high levels of NO2 is like inhaling particles of tar and this continuous exposure increases the risk of lung cancer. Infants and school children are most at risk, they suffer from illegal levels of pollution. Asthma and air pollution is a serious killer, my son lost his dear friend at the age of 9 to asthma, air pollution triggers asthma and also causes asthma in children and adults. The risks are too serious to be ignored.


We need to radically reduce the number of cars on the roads, ban diesel and old cars. Information on air pollution levels should be visible around the city, informing the public with the risks associated with high levels of NO2 and a guideline on how to reduce exposure and protect ourselves from it.

This is a global problem, London can be an example to the world and a leader in the matter. Please be part of the change to make a cleaner planet for our children.