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Life sentences for paedophiles.

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There are too many repeat offenders, too many child molesters walking our streets freely. They ruin lives, the victim lives with the pain and reminders of what they endured for life. The only way to reduce the number of sex crimes against children is to hand out higher sentences to the perpetrators .Instead, I read articles about how it's an illness and we should take pity and get them mental health treatment. Just like any other narcissist, if anyone believes for one second that these people are sorry they are greatly mistaken. They are only sorry that they got caught. They have a personality disorder, this can't be cured. Where as most mental health issues can be managed with the right medication and therapy etc. A personality disorder will never be cured unless, the person really wants to. But like I said, they aren't sorry for the right reasons, it is only the fact they've been caught that they show their fake remorse, which is only genuine for themselves, they feel for themselves, not their victims, so they don't really want to change. Quite frankly, they can't!!! We need tougher sentences! Give them life once it is proven that they have raped a child under 16 please!! 

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