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Libre freestyle part of the NHS

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I have type 1 diabetes! I'm 17 and have only been recently diagnosed on the 21st of April this year. This has changed my life and I'm really struggling to keep it under control! What makes this worse is that I have a needle and blood phobia which is a big part of diabetes as I have to inject insulin and when I test my blood sugar I have to see blood which I should do 5 times a day. I struggle to do this and hardly test because of this! I recently tried the libre which is a kind of blood sugar tester but instead of you pricking your finger with a freestyle you just scan the disk with a meter and it tell you! One disk lasts two weeks and it's so amazingly easy! It works out cheaper than pricking your finger too! But the libre isn't on the NHS where as the freestyle is. I can't afford the libre and my parents can't either! Why isn't the libre on the NHS? It's easier, cheaper and solves issues with diabetic people who have a fear of needles and blood! The libre needs to be apart of the NHS! 

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