ALFIE'S LAW. Let parents choose treatment. Not the hospital or the courts

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We have all seen the fight for Alfie to have a chance of life or even just  a dionoses. If this was my baby I'd be defeated sat by their bed, helpless, watching the hospital do as the please. My parental rights striped away because I may disagree with their plan. We need to change this! We should have the final say in these rare but heart breaking cases. 

Our children are ours. Not the government's or NHS.  If the child is not suffering and has other options made available, then we should be able to have the right to decide what route to choose. 

We need to fight this. We need to carry on what's began in the hearts of all that's followed and been part of Alfies Army. 

Steven woolf MEP has already said he wants it called Alfies Law.