legalised cannibas oil for all cancer suffers

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Over the past few days it's been seen all over the news the plight of a woman fighting to get her son the cannibas oil that her son so desperately needed to live his life free from seizures after he had been 300 days free from them only for the home office to block the prescription 

I know ask for help for My dad who has been diognosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer,and given months to live.No treatments are available to dad and many others with this will only get palliative care,this could change if cannibas oil was available to them as then they could as many people have proved and as evidence has shown give a change to live longer,and give priceless time to the people and their family's and it  has shrunk cancers 

my dad is 68,he is a grandad,a brother,cousin friend and a human being who could have the chance to a longer lifespan less pain and could shrink it

I should not have to lose my dad due to cost or due to the fact that someone states he can't have it,and neither should others in his position 

i ask you to please help by signing and sharing and help everyone who is going through this hell when they don't have too