Legalise Medical Marijuana in the United Kingdom

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Everyday Millions of people across the UK suffer with physical and mental conditions that are hard to treat, such as epilepsy or anxiety/depression. After the recent war to legalise CBD, I decided that that wasn’t enough. England needs medical marijuana, so those who suffer can find relief and maybe even be cured. But we need YOUR help to ensure this. 

But why would I care?

I have seen what marijuana can do, I have met cancer survivors from America that used marijuana alongside therapy, and they said that the plant helped them to make a full recovery after therapy. They are not the only ones. I have heard of countless others that have told wonderful stories about marijuana and it’s uses. It’s not a life destroying drug. It’s a life saving cure when used properly.

No matter what the outcome is, I hope to continue to campaign for legalisation in other countries as well.

Thank you for your time. With your help we can do this!