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Legalise cannabis

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Stop the support of organised crime with a billion pound industry Legalise and regulate, medicate and tax cannabis.

Use the money generated to build new schools , hospitals , houses , roads , transport links and so much more which is currently being done in collarado USA.

Stop criminalising people now and clear police records for possession stop wasting police time when they could be dealing with serious crime not goverment policy.

Stop tampering with drug trials evidence because your twisted view is so out of touch of what the majority of people want in this country.

Stop hiding behind the lie that it causes mental health issues when there is no proof or evidence to back this up.

This is not a dangerous drug and never will be unlike alcohol and prescribed drugs which some can be stronger and more addictive than heroin.

Look at the medical evidence from other countries that use cannabis to treat serious and live threatening disease and has been used to cure and seriously improve peoples quality of live without using prescribed drugs that give awfull side effects and cause serious body harm and can lead to easy addictions and this cost thousands of pounds for the NHS which wastes there budget.

Reinstate professor David nutt as drug policy chief as he had a common sense drugs policy aproch and told the stone cold truth about cannabis and other drugs that they were less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol which cause suffering pain and destruction to millions of people's lives, and because he spoke the truth and said it should be legal and your approach and policy's are wrong and so out touch with society and need changing straight away this cost him his job.

People are starting to realise that this phoney war on drugs does not benefit society it just damages it even more we need a grown up and educated aproch to this now start listening to the experts and stop listening to the uneducated critics.

Its our human right to choose smoke cannabis if we want to and is not the government right to tell us not to because of a outdated law that was only passed in 1937 due to a bribe by William Randolph Hearst because his timber trade was about to be wiped out as hemp was a better substance to use for many items and was used as medicine back then and hundreds of thousands of years before that there is nothing moral or lawful about that and does not apply to modern day society or any human being.


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