Law Change Protect Public Workers From the Public who put them, their lively hood at RISK

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Getting stalked or harrassed at work or on your doorstep, Whether it be your expartner, their new partner, both or a complete stranger you said no to that wants you to go out with them, they persistently harrassing, going around saying you go out with them and their fantasy ruining your life, causing you aniexty, panic attacks or them getting violent agressive with you, intimerdation,  sexual assult whilst working, forcing you into sex or relationship, domestic abuse, using intimerdation, violenceso,  threats, following you, following after work to assult, sexually assault, rape  when some one is coming in to your work place causing stress alarm harassment sexual harassment regardless if it's private or public they are doing it to effect your life and lively hood this has to Stop, No is No. 

Currently you get bullied entrapped at work at your home as an adult or work, clubs, home and at school as a child and your told nothing you can do   

It is stalking harrassment bullying hate crime that can lead to rape, forced relationship, forced relationship domestic abuse,  attacked out side of work, following, following and attacked, they find out where you live your attacked, doorstep harassed victimised at your home as well as at work it should be prevented not the current police response of nothing we can do

To protect all public workers , children and performers, Security and cctv has to be in working order, for doors to open and at public places to prevent thugs, terrorists and pedophiles ruining inocent victims lives. A venue should forbidden to hold event with out this in play and in working order under public safety acts and anti terrorism acts, in order to protect the public and who works in public environment/facilities.

Please change public laws, It's also to protect other public members from the member who is harassing threatening putting them innocent public and the staff at risk to prevent injury to people, causing mental stress ruining people's career's and income

Currently when you are being Stalked, groomed, harrassed, having someone wank over you becoming weirdly obsessed, exposing  them self in public,  or self pleasure in public over you, stealing your clothes, stealing your underwear    Harrassed, Sexually Intimidating, Intimidated, Assulted, Sexually Assulted, Rape, forced against your will into relationship by fantasist or by organisation behind your back or indecently exposed to there is nothing to protect adults or children from these people should you work in public sector and being targeted and entrapped at work or at a school plays or dance club or school leisure activities or around school leisure activities 

Your child maybe being stalked from a young age via school plays out of school, swimming clubs, dance clubs, LBG club, etc in and out of school clubs and performances should they then be 16 when they consent but later regret or just wish to end the contact and the person persist of stalking currently there is nothing in place it's public. You will get told by police you were 16 when you you had sex even though the abuse started before you were 16, get told  what you want us to do there used to be a Law to protect who under 21 but it got dropped in the 90s, hence pedophiles ruining lives and increase of domestic abuse forced against your will in to relationship. In Public Leisure Facilities you are told by police everyone entiled to a public bath what you want us to do about it (it's why pedophiles go toublic baths and abuse children and nothing gets done they can't ban them)  

Should you work in Public House directly or as entertainment Told by police you work public house what you expect 

Should you express you are concerned for your love one wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend getting hurt or other members getting hurt, by who obese with you and being violent towards you, you are told well when they get beaten up we will do something (which nothing gets done if they dont come forward and you are still harrassed and threatened and told nothing you can do) when the other people come forward we will do something over what they are doing to them not you, i.e So if a bloke in my audience did go forward i got beaten up by some bloke harrassing a girl the police response was nothing we can do, Cos me saying Someone keeps coming into my work place asking me out beating up people, trying to help me, police response was nothing we can do  

It's should be police prevent crime and they protect you as a victim and from being a victim and protect the mass audience from the random attacks

I was asking the girl when my song was up I was sure I put my karaoke ticket in before who was up singing she apologised as she was looking on floor and found the ticket I got punch in the face by a man, police nothing we can do 

 I was looking for a ticket when he just punch the man in the face this person in the audience is ruining my life I've told him I have a boyfriend I'm sure are he is going to beat him up he is getting agressive with me and harrassing me to go out with him iam saying no to and he is just attacking my audience and ruining a good night I'm in fear going to work police nothing we can do if the bloke that got punched comes forward then we can do something but I don't know him, yeah well when he comes forward we can do something about what he did to that bloke but not about you you work public house what you expect  

Currently as a worker you are subjected to live in fear or quit your job

It could just be someone turning up to cause problems out of jealously to ruin your lively hood,

For example I called to say a girl I went to school with just turns up has sex with people in toilets, whilst I'm working is going around ruining my life being my back she ruined my excellent reputation over night and she into drugs, police nothing we can do it public  

 Not just because you work in a pub or gym or as a waitress also in regards to public performance also, it possibly because they have a fantasy about you and they do get agreesive with people trying to protect you and you for rejection towards them Laws do have to Change, plus regardless if you a performer bar staff, gym instructor or stripper sexual assult is sexual assult  no is no and know one should be sexually, harrassed, Assulted  at work it does turn to attacks outside the work place rape of which they know where you work and Come back to further victimise and result forced relationship against you will bullying harrassment and domestic abuse, whilst at work and try to get away out side of work because you working them coming in still say that's mine still beating people up you still get to either go home or get attacked it is entrapment 

Same on your doorstep they keep asking you out or attacking you over your boyfriend because you live on your own police doing nothing it is entrapment you become in fear of living your life going out and living normally, you become a preminate reaction to the abuse and this is a direct result of Police negligence had they done something to stop it, the reason why you call the police had they done their job and had words or arrested the person then it will have stopped for the victim 

Currently the victim goes round and round in circles police doing nothing so staying a preminate victim and your life gets ruined increasingly becomes harder to function normally it's effects your relationships with family and friends, your work  and income 

Had the police done something had a word and should it persist them get arrested then it will have stopped the victim's life will have resumed back to normal not be a preminate nervous breakdown it's causes health issues but if you already have health issues it makes getting better impossible and very difficult to carry out a normal life and life hard enough especially when ill the last thing you need on top is police doing nothing about hate crime victimisation on your doorstep and at your work place be a use you work in public facilities/house/environment 

People should be allowed to live their lives in peace with out harrassment being ganged up on or forced to have sex or relationship with someone against there will  

Whether it a complete stranger or someone you know, mine started with an x who got someone pregnant he had nothing to do with and so he was being harrassed we were being harrassed it turned to people I never met I knew of where they lived eventually to help the police you say oh it's a woman around the corner you have no idea who or why these people targeting only I thought she came into my work place of a gym with the girl that got pregnant once to kick off my x was being horrible to he over me amd i was making her life hell for exsisting, as far as I was concerned she was welcome to him it was him treating her badly he may of been telling her he wants to go out with me but I had said no, dry your eyes mate, there is plenty more fish in the sea

The stalker in the audience was a complete stranger but of the same age group of the x I said to police I be a target of pedophile group  the x used to go out with a dance teacher it turns out he is who asked me out when I was 8years of age 

People in my family on tv, as I grew up, I think it is why I was a target but I got told nothing we can do you 16 when he had sex with you it was consented everyone entiled to a public bath

Of the stalker in audience I felt a set up from the x and of same age like the trouble I had at the gym, then at the flat now at my work again of public house as a dj/kj because my boyfriend my own age was in process of buying us a house to get me away from the flat I got harrassed beaten up over him and so I didn't move out and remained victimised because police did nothing, they was so much the police should have done laws do have to get changed  

It maybe that they want you or your partner so you get bunny boiled preminate attacks either by them or by their partner or their fantasist or by your fanistist  (to prevent you or your parnter having to get beaten up by your fantast or your fantasists fantasist to prevent mental physical abuse and you being force to leave work being cause unnecessary stress and financial stress by people interfering with your life at work and on your doorstep ((to prevent being ganged up on, by individuals or gang trying to make you lose your job and effect your lively hood and putting other inocent members of the public at risk))  

I am also adding to this better laws to protect you in your home door step or block of flats from Stalking, stalking/self pleasure watching, exposure, Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment, Assult, Sexual Assult and Rape being targeted for drugs and (prostitution currently should you be offer you will get told by police and council what you want us to do they own there own home)

Also during live performances it may be the audience or others whilst you perform so whilst I was being harrassed at work in the gym, by the x, the girl who had a baby and affiliates, also where I lived, I was doing a live performance children in need for bbc at the wyvern theatre Sandy Martin says will you interview in spilts i agree he got the audience to say yes to we want her to do interview in splits   

Whilst I was in the splits live on air light in eyes you can't see audience Sandy whispered in my ear I know why he prefers you 

when you report this voodoo weird police just laugh at you same with the doorstep attacks and harrassment, but when Sandy Martin  dies the x and where stalking my at my work place all began hosts the funeral the wyvern theatre stage manager just been done for pedophilia in the 90 when I was telling the police, they did nothing, my life did get ruined.

I want to also add  Video photo imagery taken with out your concent and used for profit i.e you tube , where on line or from media that your imagine makes profit you make no profit from also stops I know a law came out on my birthday 2015 you no longer able to record with out the persons concent 

To protect people from fantasist making story's up to manipulate your life i.e  telling everyone that's my bird and then getting violent towards people who challenge it, or just in general so they maybe telling people where they work or who they socialise with your their bird so how you find out is when someone laughing say oh your so and so's bird or you get warned be careful I think so and so got and eye on you they got a bad reputation for violence 

And people making fake stories about you deformation of character or fake news for profit that you don't gain but they do or the paper does i.e is that the girls from the video leaving Robbie Williams room surjesting you had a three some with the star you made no financial gain but it sold a story fake news, to this day I don't know if robbie made money for it I certainly never I never even went to Norway even though invited.

 People causing you a stir  (she a stripper when you dj) from fabrication, deformation leading to sexual harrassment and sexual offers of prostitution to porn from randoms knocking or in the street or fantasists that say your their bird and then get violent with you for saying no anyone who put them straight and currently as police surjest well when your boyfriend gets beaten up we will do something about the fantasist but until then you live in fear maybe you don't know how to tell your boyfriend he has to get beaten up to come see you work and live out your life maybe your scared he will get hurt, one punch can kill. so it gets worse for you, or maybe your boyfriend fails to go to the police so it just becomes more fights, maybe someone gets hurt or dies, maybe you lose everyone, you never see them again cos they think you should leave but you can't afford to until you get another job

That regardless of where you work harassment is harassment, no one should go to work in fear, or in fear for the public law abiding due to your violent stalker or you not able to live your life and have a life away from work,that you should be able to safely be able to bring whom you want to work with out threat or pose of threat to stop police say oh well when your boyfriend gets beaten up we then do something about that but what you expect you work public 

I expect to go to work and live safe invite who I want with out living in fear of being beaten up or them getting beaten up 

I had memory loss getting hit by car I had reported had police done something about the stalker in audience when I went to them before I got hit he not of ruined my life after had the police done something about the stalker in the audience after I got hit like I repeatively reported my life of not got ruin I not of been diagnosed with ptsd since 2007 turns out I was doing a ipcc and cicada before I got hit but like I said I suffer memory loss at first I just didn't know why I was having nightmares about being raped my boyfriend made me report something that happened at school but it was my subconscious warning me of what had happened before I got hit and what was really going on in the audience people organising my life behind my back those nightmares actually became my life 

I expect every call to be taken seriously by the police and given a reference  (this also helps police if prank)

I expect to be able to go to work and be safe, for members of the public to be safe, and for who I chose to invite to be safe

Not told I got to invite someone to have a fight and get beaten up, for the police to do anything

I expect to be able to live at my home and be safe not told nothing we can do, so the bullying harrassment and attacks persist that instead of high stats of crime that the aim low rate and a zero tolerance.

To prevent targeted victims from being perminate victim, For people to live, work and carry out their lives in peace too be productive not attacked and victimised on repeat out of jealous or hate. 

Police to help victim should I say i.e number 66 is harrassing me that police go to number 66 and starting with a word of stop harrassing issue the statement other wise further action 

Regardless where you work or live the law is the law on harassment, assult, sexual harassment, sexual assult, intimerdation bullying harassment rape to prevent being entrapped at work on your doorstep to prevent being forced into relationship against your will, either by rapist or ganged up on by strangers, family, audience, public members, collgues arranged organised for you against your will        

That should someone ask for Harrassment to be issued out on someone and no contact it works both ways to prevent Harrassment being issued but the person having it issued out to you is the reason you are being harrassed or causes you Harrassment or both

i.e currently the x stalking in the gym police did nothing, but then he made up fabrication about dolls being left so I then got harrassment after he and the woman he eventually did right thing by had bullied me to leave my job they only had my address so I got some letter about dolls saying I was harrassing them using  the police to harrass, because police fail to have a word to ask him to stop coming into my work place asking for me it wound who had had his child up  

Just because you had a child with someone you don't own them doesn't give you the right as a one night stand whether you get pregnant from it or not to then harrass intimerdate ruin someone's life, so he got her pregnant and then she attacks me because he told her to abort it I eventually find out about the child tell him to do right thing weird thing had started to happen and continued to even when he did right thing by her all because after that one night stand you no longer wanting contact  or the bloke intermediates you police do nothing he rapes you police do nothing he knows where you work he beats up the audience and your scared to bring your boyfriend to work because he is going to get beaten up all because you said no from the start, police doing nothing so the stalking rapist beats up everyone including you and forces you to be with him scared for your life and now stuck in domestic abuse 

Police taking weird repeat occurrences seriously you keep getting beaten up or over your boyfriend does he have a bunny boiler wanting you out the way or take in Lily Allen video smile the bloke keeps getting beaten up he telling her about it it heraying druggies to do it, or job less so people paying the vulnerable to do something for them cos guess what the police currently do nothing, so  you just keep getting attacked 

That should you being Harrassed for someone being in your life or threats to break up with some one that it gets investigated not that you just get attacked Harrassed nothing getting done so it ruined your life 

Whether it on your doorstep or at work hate crime/intimerdation/bullying/harassment, sexual harassment, intimidatiosexual intimidation, violence, agression, sexual assult, forced to meet, forced sex, rape, forced into relationship and or domestic abuse, druged rape 

That should you contact police saying you being Harrassed that police look in to why is it someone messaging is it they are in fear of their life, die to police negligence 

Say every time someone in your life you get beaten up you got beaten up before police doing nothing you get targeted at your work place forced to be with someone against your will  because the police do nothing,You think before issuing out harrassment when it in text messing they look in to the messages so my sister was able to have me charged with harrassment because i had a breakdown on everyone being back at the flat police doing nothing over fact i no contact in 3years but sent her a birthday gift paor of jeans tracksuit and ring and a note i accidentally dropped a present of three rings for a friend who had a baby girl but police did nothing about sexual harrass,enter on my doorstrp ftom people i never knew i got a name they still did nothing or over neighbour harrassing me or nrighbour offering prostitution or being attacked for getting improvement to prevent the harrassment on tne door and nothing a about the pedophile stalked who ruined my life and stopped me moving out of here by forcing me against my will to be with him cos i said no and after i got hit no i have boyftie d and no my boyftie d and i getting a house that never happened becaise police dod nothing i got beaten up and he had yo get beaten up for something to get done about the boyfriend getting beaten up bit nothing could get done over what was happening to me

You think they would also look into why you getting attacked it all started over x comming into my work place cos i found out he had a kid and weird thing started happening

When I got raped at school I never went to police I got harrassed at my home on my doorstep at work in spar shop and at school in toilets ganged up over it even though I never spoke to anyone 

In adult life I did go to police and nothing got done it just got worse when I had stalker amd the harrassment and flat I when police I told people before and after I got hit 

I live with the regret of not telling my boyfriend I was forced to end it because he knew what had happened and I said that the stalker was ruining it I never said what my parents were doing or what police said and being threatened not to contact him I wish I had and told him what police had said and what happened I wasn't the only karaoke host who life got ruined in that area a girl working at reflexs had warned me her life had been made hell, she feared I was next, this was before I got hit by car after they were looking for Sallyann Bowmans killer yet they did nothing over being targeted 

Or what the police said had to happen when we got back together obviously I was still getting attacked even apart and getting back together it when back to how it was when I got hit at first I never said and then I broke down not coping texting everyone cos police doing nothing I was writing to me to get alley way blocked it didn't help roof comming in also so inside had water in electrics was as scary inside the flat as it was out side people run from you tell you to get over it and  you stuck being subjected to random attack police doing nothing about and doorstep harrassed getting the police telling you off for breaking down over their negligence 

You think they would look into is it because you are in there life or because they in yours and every time you in the person life they get attacked or you get attack is their a bunny boiler or is it just local thugs known to the police targeting you because you are female (Take Susan Boyle she apparently lent someone money when she made it she has clearly been targeted they don't pay her back she messaged them over it it went to court Susan Boyle got charged for harrassment to who owed her the money that's the country we live in a messed up justice system where the victim gets victimised and then charged for questioning where is that money you owe me becoming another victim the bullies using the corrupt system to further bully the victim it's sick)

Distress caused currently by police negligence, so it gets worse and/or stress from intimerdation react you get charged, what of happened had my boyfriend beated up the stalker or i had joined in like i was thinking to put a chair over the stalkers head for attacking my boyfriend the police saying when your boyfriend gets beaten up what then what had that of happend would of been the out come

In the end you to scared to go police you stop going to them because all they come out with is Nothing we can do

Why is someone messing or calling is it because you have something that's doesn't belong to you they want back or you owe them and not giving back or they are scared and have a long list of being a victim and nothing we can do, Because they did nothing about the stalker calling harrassing me and ruining my life 

I know phone companies have changed since then and even on land line you are able to block calls but why are we living our lives by prehistoric laws that are out of date and what ever romantic wrote everyone entiled to a public bath is dead but that's the excuse the police gave of why they did nothing and my life then got ruined and it caused me massive health issues due to these out of date laws and blatant police negligence

Investigate is is a present of sorry i cant handle being attacked over you why am i getting attacked over you or harrassed over you please leave me alone so the attacks stop, caused by police negligence that should the laws get changed like this is requesting well you won't have people having breakdowns over being harrassed and raped forced in to relationships because people will not be allowed to harrass you at your work place on your doorstep, at school or at around school clubs your parentit you in whilst working.

Do something about the sexual fixation go out with me or else harrassment because it does lead to rape it does lead to forced relationship against your will, domestic abuse rape and lives getting ruined

Whether are they stealing underwear off your washing line, persistentlying asking you out , treating you over your partner, running commentary over your relationship or preventing you from living out your day to day life like blocking your car or you,  getting out a lift, knocking on your door or just stopping you from leaving telling you their opinion on your life deformation of character it's hate crime it's bullying it's harrassment, making comments about you and your life, knocking for money or stopping you for money,  and especially when you never met these people it's harassment something should be done about it

Same should you be being ganged up on getting mugged you don't know them i.e the lady around the back knew my name I never met her I'm that carly I'm that carly then kids that lived next door start robbing and harrassing me police nothing we can do man offers prostitution police laughing what you expect us to do he owns his flat 

Err arrest him I gave him my number cos he was harrassing the girl next door I have evidence of the call he also tried to stab the girl next door Police and Greenwich council work found it funny prostitution soliciting from his flat and selling crack to them all hanging in the stairwells got beyond a joke getting mugged in stairwell police nothing we can do 

What angered me living through it lots should of been done especially over the stalker in the audience I did want to live my life not be made sick from it because of where I live bodies get dumped out side the police station prostitution when on out side the police station pedophiles got away with targeting and drugging kids 

I know I drank coke'a'cola I know my stalker from my audience spiked me I know because he said do you remember having sex I said no and he said your better at it like that 

Police attitude of its just another druggie has to change because people do spike people nothing gets done, should they then fall out a window and die nothing gets done about it 

Regardless where you work or Live NO is NO, law changes on harrassment intimerdation rape forced against your will in to relationship entrapment

Stalking                                                                                                                                                      Ganged up on                                                                                                                                  Harrassment verbal intimerdation written threats 
Sexual Harrassment 
Intimidation pressured or pressured to meet outside of work or directly after work
Intimidation for sexual gain 
Sexual Assult
Rape as a one off
Rape retarget for rape forced relationship 
Violence then gifts/ intimerdation
Raped then gifts/ intimidation
Forced relationship domestic abuse 
Regardless of where you work No is No 
Regardless if you were 16 when you had sex and target at work 
Regardless of Sex or Gender NO IS NO

It just gets worse for the victim the way the current situation police not being able to do anything Because you work for a public facility i.e pub, leisure ect getting told by police what you expect you work public facilities. We have to have Better whistling lines, out reach to council & help to stop you living in fear, protection, education prevention is a key to the cure, REPORT IT RIGHT AWAY keep doing so, STOP living in fear & having bully's,  gangs, pedophiles, intimate & ruin your life, Be Your Best you are allowed to be.        


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