Law Change Protect Public Workers From the Public who put them, their lively hood at RISK

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To protect all public workers , children and performers, Security and cctv has to be in working order and at public places to prevent thugs, terrorists and pedophiles ruining inocent victims lives I venue is forbidden to hold event with out this in play and working order under public safety acts and anti terrorism acts

Please change public laws, It's also to protect other public members from the member who is harassing threatening putting them innocent public and the staff at risk to prevent injury to people, causing mental stress, ruining people's career's and income

Currently when you are being Stalked, grooming, stalking/self pleasure watching, exposure,    Harrassed, Sexually Intimidating, Intimidated, Assulted, Sexually Assulted, Rape or indecently exposed to there is nothing to protect adults or children from these people 

Your child maybe being stalked from a young age via school plays out of school, swimming clubs, dance clubs, LBG club, etc in and out of school clubs and performances should they then be 16 when they consent but later regret or just wish to end the contact and the person persist of stalking currently there is nothing in place you will get told by police you were 16 when you you had sex what you want us to do there used to be a Law but it got dropped in the 90s

In Public Leisure Facilities you are told by police everyone entiled to a public bath what you want us to do about it

Should you work in Public House directly or as entertainment Told by police you work public house what you expect 

Should you express you are concerned for your love one wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend getting hurt or other members getting hurt you are told well when they get beaten up we will do something or well when the other people come forward we will do something over what they are doing to them

It's should be they protect you and others regardless 

Currently as a worker you are subjected to live in fear or quit your job

It could just be someone turning up to cause problems out of jealously to ruin your lively hood,  in regard to public performance also, it possibly because they have a fantasy about you and they do get agreesive with people trying to protect you and you for rejection towards them Laws do have to Change   

It maybe that they want you or your partner so you get bunny boiled preminate attacks either by them or by their partner or their fantasist or by your fanistist  (to prevent you or your parnter having to get beaten up by your fantast or your fantasists fantasist to prevent mental physical abuse and you being force to leave work being cause unnecessary stress and financial stress by people interfering with your life at work and on your doorstep ((to prevent being ganged up on, by individuals or gang trying to make you lose your job and effect your lively hood and putting other inocent members of the public at risk))  

I am also adding to this better laws to protect you in your home door step or block of flats from Stalking, stalking/self pleasure watching, exposure, Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment, Assult, Sexual Assult and Rape being targeted for drugs and (prostitution currently should you be offer you will get told by police and council what you want us to do they own there own home)

Video photo imagery taken with out your concent and used for profit 

To protect people from fantasist making story's up to manipulate your life i.e  telling everyone that's my bird and then getting violent towards people who challenge it, or just in general so they maybe telling people where they work or who they socialise with your their bird so how you find out is when someone laughing say oh your so and so's bird or you get warned be careful I think so and so got and eye on you they got a bad reputation for violence 

And people making fake stories about you deformation of character or fake news for profit that you don't gain but they do or the paper does i.e is that the girls from the video leaving Robbie Williams room surjesting you had a three some with the star you made no financial gain but it sold a story fake news causing you a stir of sexual offers of porn from randoms knocking or in the street or fantasists that say your their bird and then get violent with you for saying no anyone who put them straight and currently as police surjest well when your boyfriend gets beaten up we will do something about the fantasist but until then you live in fear maybe you don't know how to tell your boyfriend he has to get beaten up to come see you work and live out your life maybe your scared he will get hurt so it gets worse for you, or maybe your boyfriend fails to go to the police so it just becomes more fights, maybe someone gets hurt or dies, maybe you lose everyone, you never see them again cos they think you should leave but you can't afford to until you get another job

That should someone ask for Harrassment to be issued out on someone and no contact it works both ways to prevent Harrassment being issued but the person having it issued out to you is the reason you are being harrassed or causes you Harrassment or both

That should you being Harrassed for someone being in your life or threats to break up with some one that it gets investigated not that you just get attacked Harrassed nothing getting done so it ruined your life 

That should you contacting police saying you being Harrassed that police look in to why is it because you are in there life or because they in yours and every time you in the person life they get attacked or you get attack is it distress caused currently by police negligence so it gets worse and/or stress from intimerdation they to scared to go police Or is it because you have something that's doesn't belong to you they want back or you owe them and not giving back 

Harrassment verbal intimerdation written threats 
Sexual Harrassment
Intimidation pressured or pressured to meet outside of work or directly after work
Intimidation for sexual gain
Sexual Assult
Rape as a one off
Rape retarget for rape forced relationship
Violence then gifts/ intimerdation
Raped then gifts/ intimidation
Forced relationship domestic abuse
Regardless of where you work No is No
Regardless if you were 16 when you had sex and target at work
Regardless of Sex or Gender NO IS NO



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