Killer drivers banned!!

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The impact of a loved one being killed at the hands of a careless and reckless driver is heartbreaking. Whether they were under the influence of alcohol, drugs or just complete lack of concentration, it destroys families of those who's loved ones are killed!! It's hard enough to live without your loved one, but then to watch the person who killed them walk free and be allowed to get behind the wheel again and retake their test just disgusting!! They should be banned for life!!

Banned for life and harsher sentences should be given to those who do this. Black boxes fitted to all new drivers and making it compulsory to have them. Insurance companies should have all knowledge of these said drivers who have killed or injured anyone behind the wheel of a car and they will never get the chance to drive again. Whether in their own car or someone else's car!! 

Watching friend's suffer after the loss of their beloved son is heartwrenching. A boy who had his whole life ahead of him. Someone I watched grow into a fine young man, who had his life taken at the hands of a complete and utter reckless driver!! 


How would those who give out the sentences feel and think, if it was one of their loved ones??