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Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting


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The Prime Minister, Theresa May, made a recent announcement:

 "Personally, I've always been in favour of fox hunting."

However, the British public have made it very clear in the years of Tory rule that they do not agree with her outdated opinions. It's time to tell May that her 'personal' opinions are not representative of the country she is paid to serve. 84% of the population have shown support for keeping Labour's 2004 hunting ban in place, don't let May repeal this important piece of legislation.

The practice of fox hunting involves setting a pack of dogs on a fox and then chasing it on horseback, usually in traditional dress. The "sport" is to many people a vicious and outdated pastime, and the idea of repealing the ban put in place by the Labour government, so that people like May can hunt and kill helpless creatures, is a horrific one.

Please sign this petition to show the Prime Minister how archaic her view is on the topic of hunting for sport, and show your support for the animals that the ban currently protects.

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