Keep my family together

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Families are where we connect ourselves in relationships to past, current, and future generations. Our families are where we experience our biggest triumphs and our deepest vulnerabilities—and they are where we have the greatest potential to do good. Theresa May has elaborated time and time again that the family is the fundamental building block of society. It is in this unit that we are nurtured to becomeresponsible members of society, taught our first lessons and sow our roots with a sense of belonging. It is this understanding of family that Britain is built upon. 'The U.K. needs a system for family migration underpinned by three simple principles. One: that those who come here should do so on the basis of a genuine relationship. Two: that migrants should be able to pay their way. And three: that they are able to integrate into British society.' - Theresa May 

It is now with deep regret that I write this petition to remain in the UK - my home since age 14 when I joined my mother and two younger siblings who are British Citizens. I am disheartened that the Home Office has decided to brutally and viciously tear my family apart. This ongoing legal battle has caused me stress financially. We have spent over 25,000 on solicitors fees and immigration applicationfees to ensure my family is not torn apart. This is appalling, since Theresa May has categorically expressed the need to keep families together. She went on to publicly announce that Britain is not like the USA, we keep families together.

As quoted  above, Theresa May has asserted three principles which underpin family migration. The first, that those who come here should do so on the basis of genuine relationship. I live with my mother (a single mother working three jobs), my younger brothers and sister. As there is no father figure present due to reasons beyond our control, it is vital that my mother has all her children together. I am the person to support my mother with the children when she is at work. I ensure my siblings are supervised and cared for to the highest standard. In Britain, childcare has sky rocketed to exorbitant prices. How would my mother - a single mother- afford childcare for two young children? Taking me for my family would not only hurt me, but drive my family into abject poverty.

 The second principle: that migrants should be able to pay their way. Since coming to this country my mother has consistently worked in three jobs to ensure her children are taken care of - not relying on the state for handouts. It is then imperative for me to remain in the UK to support my mother. If I am not granted leave to remain in this country then my mother would have no other choice but to stop working. It is important that the family unit is kept together to ensure my brothers and sister are not forced into poverty due to my mother being unable to work due to depression.

 The third principle: to integrate into society. Since entering the UK i have been a model member of society and more importantly a model student in school. My reports and GCSE grades are testament to the potential inside me. It is evident that if given a chance I would not only contribute to society but ensure I share my values and morals with my siblings to ensure they are also on the path to becoming contributing members of society. Before coming to the UK, I yearned to be with my mother. I longed to have that sense of belonging that every little girl must have with her mother. I never had it. 

Now that I am with my mother, I should be allowed to maintain that strong bond we have formed. Sending me back to a country where I have no family and was abused when I was younger would only cause me a mental breakdown and prone to even more abuse. I am pleading with the public to help me remain in the UK and to have a right to family life with my British mother and younger siblings. This is now my home. This is where I am loved. This is where I help my single mother to look after my younger siblings to ensure they have a fair chance of becoming responsible members of society.I urge the Government and the British public to review my case and put themselves in my position. Theresa May has already stated Britain is for families. End this vicious cycle of tearing families apart.