Justice for Survivors of Nottinghamshire failed by both city and county councils

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100's have suffered harrowing childhood's as a direct result of local authority negligence. All in all there's 22 children's homes that are under investigation in Nottingham alone this October the 2nd, 2018.

We really do NEED! Your support? So we are all as a society working on the horrendous figures of CSA 664,000 reported cases in 2016. Help us make these figures come down instead of up, to protect our children of today, tomorrow and for the generations to come. 

Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council should be held fully accountable for all historical CSA that took place whilst in their care. Children's homes were supposed to be a safe heaven for already troubled children, but this was not to be, so many innocent children are now suffering as a direct result as adults and in shocking numbers. This Government NEEDS to set an example.

We are hopefully with your support going to create a deserved public out-cry and force the Governments attention to provide a deserving route of support and compensation for all these harrowing crimes.

It is only by authorities admitting liability that Victims and Survivors can gain proper Justice and closure.

As Stated by Benjamin Franklin, Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected, are as outraged as those who are. This was wrote by Benjamin Franklin between 1706 / 1790 If he had the wisdom to know that back then & it still rings true today, how long as society and the hierarchy going to continue to be ignorant and complacent to the suffering of Victims and Survivors.

Benjamin Franklin was a Political theorist Politician who obviously had more compassion for Victims and Survivors of crime than any Government as ever shown.   

An organisation for Victims assistance was founded in 1975, we are now in 2018 Don't hear any "Alarm bells" Do you? We should be seeing continual reports of acts redacting these numbers, a countdown, not continual increase.

Living with devastating consequences from CSA for any victim or survivor is very complex, It's extremely difficult to put it all into words other then the impact instantly effects your personality, then it eats away at your social life, then it takes over your professional life leaving you but no choice to live a very solo and isolated lifestyle.