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Introduce Refugee Tax

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Muslim refugees from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, And immigrants from Pakistan and also immigrants from Romania are scrounging all of our resources. Taking jobs that should be giving to British people, AND ITS FUNDING TERRORISM!! See the links below, Taking up healthcare and emergency rooms, And getting 40,000 pounds in benefits and can get a house quicker than a single parent with 4 kids can. Their was a case recently when a rich Iraqi Refugee came over claiming he was 'war scarred' when he was claiming 40,000 in benefits but had 250,000 pounds in savings, And another where a muslim family in get givin' a 1.2 million pound mansion funded by tax payers, Why should we all need to pay for their luxury living? Why are second class people put before us? Why are working full time parents with 4 kids and on 25 grand a year and Muslim immigrants are on double that? These are the questions you need to ask yourself people and I know that we're all thinking it. This is why I will petition and campaign tirelessly to get Refugee and Immigrant tax introduced. All Refugees and Immigrants on State-Funded benefits or working with receiving Child Tax, Working Tax credits must pay Refugee and Immigrant tax which is 40% of their annual salary. And givin to Single parents with kids, or big familys. We know the Benefit fraud amusing British muslims and it's bigger than ever, and the Pakistanis and Afghanistanis coming here to rape our children it's been proven that 80% Of Sex offenses towards children are from Pakistani immigrants. It's time we make a change !



I Love my country, and if you do too, sign this petition PLEASE!


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