Introduce a "Social Media Bill of Rights" to protect the Freedom of Speech of all users

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Nigel Farage MEP stood up in the EU parliament and blasted Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and founder of Facebook for censoring centre-right views, political commentators and organisations through algorithms and decreasing their post-reach. 

Mark Zuckerberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were also caught on mic discussing solutions to what they called "anti-immigrant posts." on Facebook, Merkel said “Are you working on this?” Bloomberg reported.

“Yeah,” Zuckberg replied. 

Social Media Bill of Rights; 

1. Honesty: Honor your privacy policy and terms of service

2. Clarity: Make sure that policies, terms of service, and settings are easy to find and understand

3. Freedom of speech: Do not delete my account for personal political views that are not violent or racist. Social media also should not be able to change the algorithms and post-reach for conservative or anti-mass migration posts.    

4. Empowerment : Support assistive technologies and universal accessibility

5. Self-protection: Support privacy-enhancing technologies

6. Data minimization: Minimize the information I am required to provide and share with others

7. Control: Let me control my data, and don’t facilitate sharing it unless I agree first

8. Predictability: Obtain my prior consent before significantly changing who can see my data.

9. Data portability: Make it easy for me to obtain a copy of my data

10. Protection: Treat my data as securely as your own confidential data unless I choose to share it, and notify me if it is compromised

11. Right to know: Show me how you are using my data and allow me to see who and what has access to it.

12. Right to self-define: Let me create more than one identity and use pseudonyms. Do not link them without my permission.

13. Right to appeal: Allow me to appeal punitive actions

14. Right to withdraw: Allow me to delete my account, and remove my data

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