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19-year-old Muhammed Fathi Abulkasem from the UK, is being held without legal representation in Alexandria, Egypt. He is due to be sentenced for collecting intelligence against the army in Egypt for taking a photo from the plane as he landed in Alexandria airport. Abulkasem, was re-visiting Egypt to see old friend's, as he used to live there with his family for over 4 years.
Abulkasem is an innocent British teenage citizen wrongly accused in an Egyptian prison.  He is a role model to the youngsters in communities he has lived in as a respected English and maths tutor.
It has now become a case of the Egyptian National Security and his family are appealing to local MP's to urge the Foreign Minister to step in.
His mother, Imaan Rafiq said "When I close my eyes at night, I can’t think about him. I have to put a blank wall because I cannot imagine him in there, I just want to hold him. He always gave me morning hugs, and when he came back [home from school] he gave me hugs. So I always had my two hugs a day." Whilst cousins of Abulkasem have stated "he is a soft and compassionate person.”
We are petitioning to politicians to campaign for his release and allow for Muhammed to go home to his family.

A GoFundMe has been started for Muhammed's family to ease some of the financial burdens off the case. Muhammed currently does not have any legal representation.
Please donate whatever you can.