Increased physical safety on train carriages in the evenings

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An unforgivable amount of our friends, family and society are harassed and traumatised as a result of a free-for-all attitude on public transport after the lines have died down. We’d like to campaign for a physical presence to secure, relax and reassure our safety so that we can return home in the same condition we left it. Men, women, even children face a multitude of abuse across a host of publicly funded and accessible modes of transport, with no security other than our often similarly frightened commuters. 

With public funding a concern across many departments and not taken lightly by both our government and society, our suggestion is a very small but incredibly impactful increase in human presence across our transport services. What we propose is an extra guard to patrol the journey who can integrate, communicate and intervene if necessary to ensure a pleasant, safe and comfortable journey home. 

If this has affected or touched you in any way we will be grateful if you can make help us to make a very meaningful change. Thank you.