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Increase UK defence spending to 3% of GDP and to enshrine that commitment into law.

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The British Armed Forces are on their knees. Even in 20th Century Peace time, defence spending was still at above 3% of GDP, however successive Governments have repeatedly cut defence spending, with generous calculations showing in 2017 it was at 2.14% of GDP. This amount is simply to small, Britain and our Military have a global role to play, and are an important role in the defence of our Allies, Europe and most importantly ourselves. Without more immediate funding, they will not be able to carry out even the essentials tasks of defence and protection. 

General Sir Nicholas Carter, along with waves of former First Sea Lords, Defence Secretaries, Generals, our most trusted allies and many MPs have made calls for increased defence spending, saying that our military are being stabbed in the back, we cannot ignore them. NATO’s 2% of GDP, may be suitable for smaller European nations, but is not enough for the U.K., which has defence commitments and partnerships all around the world.

However these warnings have been completely ignored. Still, the treasury is hell-bent on further damaging cuts, with threats to 2000 marines and our vital amphibious capabilities. An increase to 3% of GDP, suggested by many figures such as the Chair of the Defence Select Committee, appears a much needed increase, which will make sure our armed forces can grow to meet increasing threats from Russia, North Korea and terrorism, as well as project a new Global role for Britain on the world stage. 

Furthermore 3% of GDP must be enshrined in UK law, so that no cost-cutting government can hollow out our Defence Budget to meet their calculations, so that 3% of GDP can be maintained, allowing our military to be protected, while it protects us.

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