Increase the age limit for obtaining financial credit

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I have decided to see how many people feel the same way as me... In a world where we need to spend more than we earn a debt society is getting bigger. As soon as you leave school, you can sign on the dotted line for cars, sofas, washing machines, (etc do your research). This then snowballs and unfortunately for the few they end up with debt they can't pay off and a bad credit history forcing them to borrow from bad lenders with terms and conditions which never see them leave the never ending circle of constant borrowing and paying off.

I believe that by increasing the age limit for being able to obtain credit, it gives young adults a few years to get the irresponsible urges out their systems and focus on what they really need or want in life. 

This would affect everyone and really help the young start off to a good start before jumping in to things that spiral out of control quickly.

I will do whatever it takes to have this made public so my children have a good understanding of being financially stable. I will do what it takes to advertise this and make it happen.