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Immediate International help needed for Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh

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Immediate International Help Needed for Myanmar Rohingya refugee people in Bangladesh

He who has passed away in the genocide, found a real way out of the brutality of Myanmer!

Myanmar Rohingya Camp in Bangldesh Situation:

You probably never imagined a night without a shade. You probably never imagined a shower on the rain not because of your hobby but because you don't have any shade to take shelter! If you can read my article in online, I'm pretty sure that you never had a muddy land as a floor of your room. You are a very lucky person which you would never feel if the Rohingya people were not the victim of the sadistic brutality of Myanmer.

Yes, The Rohingyas, one of the most oppressed nations in the world, are passing their nights and days under the sky in rains and sun. Though many are capable of managing a tent that is made of thin polythene sheets, these tents are a little worth of preventing the floors from being muddy. Yet, people have to live in such type of tents because these are their only palaces in the earth.

Oppression in every form e.g. murder, rape, gang rape, robbery, assault etc is the only reason which compelled people to flee away from the death valley, leaving the properties to the perpetrators of Barma. The rich became poor in seconds. The poor become poorer within a moment.

'My maternal relatives were 12 in number in their family and only my uncle survived from the killing among the twelves. We walked 13-14 days along the hilly tracts. Like elephants, we ate the banana plants to survive.' These are words of a new refugee who got himself out of the hell, called Rakhain, just two days ago.

The fetus walked such a trail being carried in its mother's womb, the neonates walked such a long way being carried in its mother's arms, the olds walked such a long path being carried in the arms of the youngmen of their family. The long walk in muddy lands brought infection in their legs and skins of other body parts. The long walk in rain in the forests welcomed common cold in almost everyone's body.

People have very little food let alone proper medications! Food and medicines are inadequate to demands.


According to the Human Rights Watch report NOW

Myanmar new government led by the National League for Democracy (NLD) took office in March 2016 after sweeping the November 2015 elections. Headed by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Htin Kyaw, the NLD controls a majority of both upper and lower house parliamentary seats in the country’s first democratically elected, civilian-led government since 1962. However, the new government inherited deep-rooted challenges, including constitutional empowerment of the military, repressive legislation, weak rule of law, and a corrupt judiciary.

The political transition began promisingly, with the April release of over 200 political prisoners and detainees. Nonetheless, the NLD-led government has thus far not capitalized on its initial momentum in guiding the country toward substantive reform or the creation of democratic institutions.

Burmese armed forces intensified or flared up in several regions during the year, resulting in abuses against civilians and massive displacement. Violent attacks by Myanmar arm forces in northern Rakhine State, resulted the most serious humanitarian and human rights crisis in Rakhine State since the October 2012 “ethnic cleansing” campaign against the Rohingya.

The Burmese military has conducted a campaign of arson, killing and rape against ethnic Rohingya that has threatened the lives of thousands. 

Rohingya in Myanmar:

Muslim minorities in Burma, in particular the 1.2 million ethnic Rohingya, continue to face rampant and systemic human rights violations.

The security operations led to numerous reports of serious abuses by government security forces against Rohingya villagers, including summary killings, rape and other sexual violence, torture and ill-treatment, arbitrary arrests, and arson. The military employed helicopter gunships during a series of clashes.

Myanmar authority and military force what doing it is butchering live human beings. They killed humans however we people do not killed even an animal. They killed babies even very dangerously. The history of dark ages are failed in Myanmar what ongoing to humans. We called we modern we democratic we tolerate but every modern world definitions failed in Myanmar.  

Satellite imagery in November revealed widespread fire-related destruction in Rohingya villages, with a total of 430 destroyed buildings in three villages of Maungdaw district.

Government travel restrictions placed on humanitarian agencies have led to critical food insecurity and malnutrition, and an estimated 300,000 Muslim villagers remain displaced.

The government has continually failed to adequately or effectively investigate abuses against the Rohingya, and did not act on recommendations to seek UN assistance for an investigation into the violence. 

The ongoing crisis in Maungdaw represents the most serious and widespread violence against the Rohingya since the ethnic cleansing campaign carried out in June and October 2012. Four years after the 2012 violence, about 120,000 Rohingya remain displaced in camps in Rakhine State. Humanitarian conditions for both remaining IDPs and newly resettled persons remain dire due to restrictions on movement and lack of access to livelihoods and basic services.

The effective denial of citizenship for the Rohingya—who are not recognized on the official list of 135 ethnic groups eligible for full citizenship under the 1982 Citizenship Law—has facilitated enduring rights abuses, including restrictions on movement; limitations on access to health care, livelihood, shelter, and education; arbitrary arrests and detention; and forced labor. Travel is severely constrained by authorization requirements, security checkpoints, curfews, and strict control of IDP camp access. Such barriers compound the health crisis caused by poor living conditions, severe overcrowding, and limited health facilities.

The government refuses to use the term Rohingya, which the group self-identifies as but is rejected by nationalist Buddhists in favor of the term “Bengali,” which implies illegal migrant status in Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi refers to the group as the “Muslim Community in Rakhine State,” and has requested that international stakeholders, including the United States, European Union, and United Nations, follow suit.

So the Human Rights Watch report and other sources report shows that the ethnic cleansing of minority rohingya in Myanmar situation is very serious which reflect that it is very important to stand to as quick as possible against Myanmar butchers militaries to protect humanities in the world. Rohingya reugees in Bangladesh needed immediate international help for food, minimum standard living, treatment, cloths and if it is late to settled them in their own country then international community must be arranged their education.  



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