Ignacio Echeverria - George Cross Nomination.

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Please join this petition to urge the UK Parliament to recognise the bravery and sacrifice of Ignacio Echeverria, who gave his life protecting others during the Borough Market terrorist attack.

Ignacio Echeverría was an intelligent, gentle man.  He was a skater, so he knew how to take knocks and falls and he knew how to get up again.  He was a guy we can admire - envy, even - making the wild kid inside him let go and play at the end of a week that no doubt involved the workload of a staid, law-abiding and responsible man.  He was a man who had a great future ahead of him and everything to lose by risking it. 

Ignacio Echeverría was not under attack himself, with no choices open to him.  He chose to stop and defend a complete stranger in a foreign country.  In his absolute humanity, he understood that he had an absolute mandate to do so.  Without any sentimentality, he used his skateboard to shield another victim from the attackers and in so doing, he gave his life and himself.  If he had chosen to save himself alone, that skateboard could have carried him away at speed, flying through crowds and past the many others who instinctively ran for their lives.  I suspect that he knew immediately that he could not do that, as stylish and logical as it may have been. 

The George Cross (GC) is the second highest award of the United Kingdom honours system (after the Victoria Cross) . It is awarded for gallantry "not in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces and to civilians.  

Ignacio Echeverría, who was murdered in Borough Market on Saturday 4 June 2017, absolutely deserves this award for his gallantry.  His action was "not in the face of the enemy" (I would be amazed if he had any enemies, blessed as he was with his instincts of courage and love) as the terrorists could not be identified as such: just psychopaths who Ignacio Echeverría knew had to be stopped, immediately, from their murderous intent.  His presence of mind, courage, selflessness and sacrifice are unquestionable.  He has done more for our country in an instant than many of us could aspire to do in our lifetime.  We owe him and his memory.  Please support this petition to recognise his gallantry and sacrifice.