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Human rights to be taken away and stricter laws in place for those involved in terrorism.

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We, as a nation, now face an extreme and critical level of threat. We stand together against the horrific acts of terrorism we are enduring as a country. We are no longer prepared to sit back quietly and watch as our children are attacked, injured, raped and killed. These cruel acts are predominantly carried out by those who are known to our security services. We are aware, and have evidence of, the freedom to preach hate and recruit for causes of extremism on the streets of our Cities. The laws for human rights need to change. These laws protect those who take these rights from our children. We ask as a nation that those involved in the teachings, recruitment or acts of extremism in any form should immediately surrender their human rights and privileges. We ask you, Theresa May and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, to lead this country forward with bravery and courage. To make decisions that are in the interests of the people. Take away the human rights given to those who are known to be involved in any form of terrorism support or activity. Remove the healthcare, education and housing support to those who continue to enforce radical ideology in our country. Deport immediately those who have been given permission to reside here should they not follow the laws of our country and respect our western values. Make our laws tighter for those who choose to travel to countries abroad to be trained to cause our society distress, destruction and heart ache. Do it now, we have waited long enough in the hope someone would speak for us. This still does not happen. We need change and we need it now. I ask with severity that this be discussed as a matter of urgency. I ask with a broken heart for those who have already been taken, their families and a nation desperate for their voice to be heard. 

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