Hospital parking should be free

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When it comes to hospitals there are usually only 3 reasons someone is there. 1. You work there 2. You are a patient there 3. Your visiting a loved one there. 

It is absolutly barbaric that any of these should require a MINIMUM of £3.20 (the minimum cost at my local hospital) and peolpe who are rushing into A&E incouring £70 fines due to rushing sometimes for life saving treatment and not in a situation to go through the process of getting a ticket. 

This should not be allowed. This is literally robbing people of money who have NO CHOICE. The rate the car parks are charged at are abusing the situation (of people in need, people with life long conditions and possibly dieing) to their own finacial advantage. As a country we need to come together and fight against this morally unacceptable behaviour we all seem to hate yet just accept. 


Please sign this today and fight with me to make Hospital users parking free and bring morals back into our society.