Highlight the dangers of sepsis

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I’m doing this,in Rembrandt of my Wife 

Who died last Thursday 6/9/2018 

I want to highlight the dangers of sepsis and have it made clear of how to protect yourself from this dangerous infection of the blood.

Sepsis has a kill rate of 44000 people a year 

You can get it from a small cut on your body 

or like my wife who was bed bound 

and due to myself not being able to help her much with washing her personal area 

She got the infection through the viagin area. From wee and poo 

And as much as I tried to wash her 

It had already entered the blood vessel s 

It stopped the kidneys working 

had infected the bone marrow and stopped this working so as to stop playlets being produced to increase the white blood cells 

It caused the salt and potassium levels to get dangerous low 

which made her prone to infections and with no resistance to infections she got a infection in her lungs 

By the time she died 

Yvonne was in a coma

It breaks my heart to lose my best friend my wife 

So I would love this to be highlighted 

And how much damage it can do 

unless it’s caught early enough before it becomes the death of another person.