Help stop the genocide on Syria: please stop and sign for the sake of the innocent

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Hello everybody as you may be aware of the horrific bloodshed being taken place in Syria, as a part of humanity- before anything else- we must come together to stop these barbaric people from destroying the lives of all those innocent families who are in a never ending war zone. Please I ask you let’s come together and bring about a permanent ceasefire not one which will only last for thirty days, otherwise more small children will become orphans in this mass genocide. I cannot tell you there are kids as small as two or three years of age who are witnessing there own parents dying in front of them, this is abuse and torture how can they justify these deaths. They have not solved any problems instead they have created more.


Our part is simple we must put an end to this war on the Eastern Ghouta, so many medical centres and six hospitals in this region alone have been destroyed, people are dying with malnutrition and like the situation in Burma no one is being held accounted for. I want us as individuals from all walks of life to come together and bring forward these war criminals and make them pay for what they have done. Don’t sit quietly because this could happen to any of us, if we cover our eyes when we see injustice then criminals will just keep on hurting the innocent.