Help Reduce Child Abuse

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I have heard many stories about child abuse before. From the news, articles, books and other people telling me. Child abuse has gone out of control and became a common part of the world. Whenever I read an article about child abuse, or whenever I hear another sad story of an unfortunate child being abused, I think about how much that child has to suffer. About how much they had to go through and what great life they could have if someone stopped that from happening.

Child abuse leads to many mental issues for the child. These problems prevent a child’s brain from developing. Depression, one of the symptoms that can be caused by abuse, has horrible effects and can mess with children's minds a lot. This leads to issues when the child grows up and they may abuse someone else, and the cycle goes on. If this did not happen in the first place, then perhaps many children’s lives would be saved, not just one.

Some labored children have to work 7 days a week, with little hours of sleep and rest. There are multiple carpet-making factories that take in children. They work for hours a day, with little food and rest. They get chained to their working spots which are not comfortable. They get splinters on their hands from working too much but none of the adults there do anything about it. Some brick making factories has many young children in hot places near a fire to work for long periods of time without much water, despite the heat. Does this sound right?

What if these innocent children being abused used to be you? Then would you do something about it? Then will you hear the voices of these hurt, poor children, the cries for help?

About 151.6 million children are being abused. Approximately 20,000 children are trafficked and labored per year. Around 4-5 children die from child neglect daily. Is this fair for these innocent children who could grow up to be great people? Definitely not! They deserve so much more. We, as people, as human beings should do something about it. Whatever happened to what makes us different from animals? What happened to humanity?

We should not let these immature adults from ruining our next generations, our children or our children-to-be. Many people just think, “Oh well, at least that’s not me” but we can stop this. Spread the word, tell others about this problem and help the world become a better place! Sign my petition to reduce thousands of innocent children with bright futures from suffering. 
Thank you.