Help Me Get My Kids Back

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On the 21 of June 2016, A verbal domestic incident took place between me and my partner. The police were called by an anonymous source, when the police came, they arrested me for suspicion of domestic violence and subsequently released the same day, with no further action.

I went back home, your partner was in the fathers so we could get space from each other and after a few days she came home.

The day after she come home, social services came to home and said they were concerned with the indecent. I explained it was domestic and I was released with no further action after the police investigated the matter. I was concerned why they were their, however informed them of the above. 

The social service then explained, they don't want me in my house? I explained that they had no right to tell me to leave my house as the only people who had that authority was my partner, or the police. Both were satisfied of my presence.

So to keep the peace, I explained I was happy to go to my sisters for a few days. I said to my girlfriend and mother to my kids, I would see them in mambos the next day. The social worker told me i don't think that a good idea, until i speak with my manager? I explained to her that nobody is telling me when and where I see my kids, especially not her, who knew nothing of my kids. She didn't want a compromise, she wanted to dictate to me when to see them. They have been in their life every day since they were born. They wanted me to walk out on them?

At that time my sister came over and pulled up outside and as I was annoyed with this social worker, I decided I would go with my sister to avoid me quite normally, getting annoid with them. The social worker left before me, and I followed her and explained to her, you haven't even checked on my kids, who were up stairs, tucked up in bed. She just left.

The reason for this is as a youngster I was in the care system and now I am a man, I don't want them experiencing what I went through. This is no way for children to grow up, not when they got a loving home to be in. The care system is a dangerous system to be raised in.

As an 11 year old, I was placed in a care home with 15/16 year olds with established criminal records and behaviour, and failed to protect me as a vulnerable child then? 

She tried to explain prior to me leaving that she was their for the welfare of my children. Nobody, can provide welfare for my children better than me. It is my job to raise my kids to be good citizens and good people in society. My kids are my life, they are all what is good in this world. Who is this woman to tell me what is good for my kids? I was raised in their care system and it is cold, dangerous world for kids to be in as the media is now finanally revealing.

A few days later, me and my partner were out shopping with the kids. We received a phone from the social worker around 12:15 saying we were due in court that day? I didn't have time to find a brief and was never notified that I was in court. Me and my partner went to the family courts, shocked at this matter, but we attended.

When we were in court, they raised concerns about my relationship and the children's emotional welfare while we were together, although they have never seen my kids or even assessed them? My kids were happy, kids! every day they would make me laugh, they are kids to be proud of. So I spoke for myself, as I didn't have time to get representation and asked 'where is this legitimate, where you have had only received one call out due to a domestic argument from an unknown source which was subsequently deemed with no further action? I hold my hands up I was argumentative with the judge, but as I said, I know the care system from the inside and I didn't want my kids, who I looked after well, being involved with any part of it. 

They took my kids their and then from me and I have not seen my kids since. 

They have been able to stop every attempt for me to see my kids, over an argument with my partner.

I am worried every day for my kids, I am sick with worry. I want my kids back home with me and I am fighting every day for this against what I believe and can prove is a corrupt system.