Help look after our NHS staff

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While spending a week in hospital I saw just how poorly treated the NHS staff are, the majority of their wages going on parking, wich we can all agree is hugely over priced but to have to pay for a 12 hour shift ticket three or four times a week! Along with the food and drink needed to get through their shifts with a less than 10% discount bearing in mind they work for us, there are nurses out their going to the food bank! When will the government open their eyes, our NHS isn’t just drowning because of cut backs. It’s drowning because their staff need a break I propose we look at getting free or stupidly cheap parking for them ALL and getting a much larger discount on food and drink while at work. We wouldn’t have an NHS without these outstanding people and I guarantee every single one of you have got something to be thankful to them for. Mine is keeping my little boy alive and for that I will be forever grateful 

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