Help give the same medical rights to balloon animals.

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Usually, our health services would help anyone in need and I was confident in their abilities to save anyone that they could. I was disgusted when I had discovered the plain discrimination my best friend had to deal with in his ever deteriorating condition - he was segregated from other patients and ultimately refused health care due to him being a balloon dinosaur. I feel this is a severe injustice and was appauled to discover that it's not within his rights as a balloon animal to free medical care. I want to change this once and for all by starting a petition to open the eyes of Theresa May ,The National Health Service and all other world leaders and governments. However, I can only do this with your aid - with the help of you, fighting for equality so that hopefully Norbert, a loving boy with the aspiration to become a heart surgeon will get to live to see that dream and help let others live - saving this life will inevitably save many more lives in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this plea for equal rights and for the right to life for all species.

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