Help get UK Government to Champion Campaign for A Marshall Plan For Africa (CAMPA)

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My name is Oluseye Oyediran (Olu), I am an African British who was fortunate to migrate to the UK about 13 years ago.


I am starting the Campaign to get the UK Government to champion a Marshall Plan for Africa because of my very deep concern about the desperate situation in Africa today.


The UK was in the fore front of slave trade and colonialism and should therefore be one of the champions of the ambitious plan to redevelop Africa.



The Marshall plan was a post war initiative by a former US Secretary of State George C Marshall  to rebuild Western Europe after the 2nd World War from 1947 to 1951. The European Countries received nearly $13 billion in aid including the UK.


The European economies grew at an unprecedented rate under the Marshall plan and the plan led to economic prosperity in Western Europe.


CAMPA is an effort to get the UK Government to be a major champion of the G20 initiative led by Germany about a year ago to focus on Africa's redevelopment.



CAMPA is making a case for Africa that just as Western Europe needed the help of the Americans to recover from 2 years devastation of World War II CAMPA is saying Africa also needs help desperately to recover from the devastating effects of 358 years of salve trade by Great Britain, Europe and America.


CAMPA is also a case that Africa needs help to recover from about 100 years of colonial rule by the Europeans including the UK.


Africa is the poorest continent on earth with an estimated half of the population of 1.2billion people living on less than $1.90 a day. Sub Saharan Africa has the highest percentage of children in the world living in extreme poverty.


Half of the population of Africa’s population are said to be under 25 years old with half of them unemployed.


Europe including the UK  is under siege by a record number of these young people attempting to migrate to Europe Illegally at all cost to escape poverty and hopelessness.


Nearly 34,000 migrants are reported to have died or gone missing trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe since 2000.


Ironically Africa is the cradle of humanity and it is a rich continent.


Africa has the potential to feed itself and be self sufficient with the right support.


Africa sits on 15% of global oil reserves, 40% of gold reserves, 80% of platinum metal reserves and the largest expanse of agricultural land in the world.


CAMPA’s case is that with the right support Africa has the potential of turning around its fortunes.


According to the UN Africa needs an annual investment of over $600 billion US dollars to be able to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals to help all people around the world live dignified lives..


CAMPA is to get the UK government to champion effort to help the redevelopment of Africa, a plan that will be more ambitious than Slave trade and colonialism!



We hope you support and join this great cause to get the UK Government to Champion a Marshall Plan for Africa.


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