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Please stop the adoption of these boys and let us have them back home

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Social services are putting our 2 boys up for adoption we've been accused of domestic violence by social services which is not true also we've been accused of starving our children and neglecting them all of which is untrue our 2 young boys have been affected by all of this being taken away from their loving mummy and daddy with no understanding of what's been going on and placed with people who they do not know and they were both emotionally distraught crying for their mummy and daddy then after 3 weeks they was placed in respite as first carer went on holiday so more people they do not know and another new home then returned to the first carer again after a week, they only see their mum and 2 siblings twice a week and their dad once a week they were both crying and really upset leaving the contact centre as the 2 hour contact session was over,and this happened for around 4 weeks until they settled a bit, now they're faced with adoption which will cut all ties from their loving parents, siblings and other family members until they turn 18, Joey is 4 and Tyler is 2 so this is a very long time, they do not understand what is happening and will be affected even more by being moved to yet another new home with people they don't know and having to move schools which Joey is starting reception this month so another big change for him being in full time school so he will have to leave all his friends behind and the familiar teachers the both children are used to and on top of all that they will be waiting for the next contact day to see their mum and siblings and another one to see their dad which is what they have been doing for 4 months only to find that day will never come, we want to show social services that we are able to safely care for our 2 boys but are not being allowed the chance to do this, they think that never seeing any of their real family is better for them than being at home with their parents, also we have been to every contact session without fail and have always had good contact reports each time, our babies are our entire world and we would do absolutely anything to get them back home with their real parents where they belong we are genuine loving parents who are unable to say goodbye at the final contact session that will happen if we don't get them back home so please can someone help us save our 2 boys before its to late as we really don't want them to go through more change of moving to an adoptive family and not being able to stay with there real family and parents who love them as much as they love us they are both always good as gold and have never been any trouble to look after and they loved there lives at home with us which has been cruelly snatched away from them by social services due to reasons that are untrue and unfair     and they also enjoyed every contact we had with them at the contact centre and even asked their mum if they was seeing me their daddy really gets you when you hear that and your not there


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