Have more recycling bins and litter pickers! To help save our human race!

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It is said that within approximately 200 years this world will most likely become extinct because of waste such as: plastic, coal, oil, and more ...BUT we’re not dead yet! We can stop this before it happens. Do you really want this world to become extinct? All of the wonderful creations and time put into it. The astonishing human race may be gone in a matter of years! 

To prevent this we can do just a few simple things as an individual and together we can change the future! May be volunteer to become a litter picker in your local area, even for just 1 hour, buy a recycle bin and actually USE IT PROPERLY don’t waste energy by, for example, charge your phone up while you sleep. Yeah don’t do that. 

Together  as a community we can help this world. What I’m asking YOU to do is to follow these rules of course  but promote recycling and make more recycle bins. AND PLEASE DONT LITTER! ThankYou.