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Guns laws need to change for self defence in wake of terror attacks.

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In light of recent terrors attacks, the uk general public do not feel safe, there hundreds of extra armed police in London protecting the government buildings and MPs but else where in the country the police are stretched to the max.

i believe all uk citizens have the right to life and the right to defend there life, however I also believe gun ownership should be strictly for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh indigenous persons over 18, who of which both of the parents and grandparents must have been born in the UK. 

islamic immigration has been forced on us  has severely failed. Now we live in a broken society where the rights of extremists and there families  is put before the indignious people. When these Islamic scum march and promote there filth in public the police protect them, this country has its priorities all wrong. The government has failed and cannot protect us no more. We have an army who are suppose to protect us but they do not as they are a busy fighting overseas as per usual and not here defending us as they are paid to do, I don't see them on the streets taking out terrorist cells and there bomb making hell holes.

We need guns to protect ourselves and our family's ASAP. Terrorists use the fact they are terrorising defenceless people, when the it's a level playing field and the public can simply defend there selves with a bullet then the terrorists no longer have a major advantage.

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