Greater safety for the citizens of London

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Crime in England and Wales has surged by 10% this year and at it's worst level in over a decade, this is not only frightening but I like many people feel this is spiralling out of control, will I just be another statistic if unfortunately I become the next target by criminals and gangs. It's sad to see the level of horrific crimes committed in such a great city where I have grown up and spent my entire life, now in shambles because of individuals who have the mentality to instil fear and hatred amongst law abiding citizens, especially acid attacks which have become a daily occurrence or multiple stabbings in our local neighbourhoods. Gun crime is also on the rise and although these are not a daily occurrence, they are becoming more frequent. We shouldn't be scared to walk down our own streets or go visit our friends on a night out, the government should be doing far more to protect us and not just let these incidents become statistics. The criminals seem like they have the upper hand because they can simple 'get away with it' and never be punished for their vicious crimes.I think we can all agree, the police do a brilliant job of keeping us protected however I know from people in the force how overstretched and under appreciated they are. We need more officers on the streets, tougher laws and better tactics to deal with crime in our city. Our government is solely focused on Brexit but I for one, think the safety of us all is far more important, our friends, families, nieces and nephews. Anyone could be next, we can't just sit and read these horrendous stories without something being done. The PM reiterates that we have enough officers on the streets but we most certainly don't and more needs to be done. Tougher laws in other countries always works, people would not even dare to shop lift let alone carry a knife, why can't we do the same here?

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