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Grant UK a new Referendum: 1. Accept Gov Brexit Deal, 2. Leave without deal, 3. Stay in EU

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I would like your Government to publish its Brexit Deal by mid March 2019 and immediately afterwards hold a new referendum with a simple and unambiguous wording based on three choices: 1. Accept the Government's Brexit Deal  2. Leave the EU with no Brexit Deal (and be subject to WTO rules in future EU trade)  3. Stay in the EU

Mrs May, you are stubbornly pushing through Brexit based on the premise that the British people have spoken, and we must not question their choice.

However, contrary to your assertions, it was not clear, and has been the subject of intense and destabilising debate ever since, exactly what 51% of the voters who turned out and voted for us to leave the EU in June 2016 actually thought they were getting. The choice to ‘Leave’ contained few details of the Brexit that it appears that your government wishes to bulldoze through.

There is a simple solution to calm the turmoil in our country and to resolve the debate: your government holds a second and final referendum in March 2019.

This does not run against democracy. It strengthens it. Those who voted ‘Leave’ previously can uphold and add far greater weight to their previous decision once it is plain for all to see what leaving actually means. Equally, any who voted Leave, and witnessing the ensuing chaos, wish to undo their decision, have this ability. And there may be Remain voters from the 2016 referendum who have seen that financial collapse did not follow the vote as predicted and would now wish to vote Leave. And anyone who failed to vote last time but, having woken up to the importance of this issue, have since taken a position on one side or the other, have a chance to undo their previous abstention. And those that still believe so strongly in staying in the EU, including the many that would wish to help change elements of the organisation from within, can once again have their voice heard, where your government chooses a course that is tantermount to denying this demographic exists.

This is an enormously significant process that will change the future for all of us, and for our children and grandchildren. It is vital to get it right, whichever side of the debate we side with.

The 2016 vote was based on misinformation, and lack of information. It was not a satisfactory example of democracy working well. It was an uncomfortable decision with many ramifications that weren’t clear at the point of the original vote and which have opened up a huge chasm in our country and a painful soul-searching debate.

I call on the British government to act in an open and fair way, and commit, together with the EU negotiators, to settling on a deal by mid March 2019 at the very latest, which is then put to the people of the UK with the above suggested 3-way referendum question, simply worded and requiring the entering on the ballot of a 1 for a first choice option, 2 for a second and 3 for a third. Above all, there must be a legally binding pact by all sides of the campaign to avoid misinforming the public, and clear rules laid out in advance over what voting percentages are required to constitute a win.

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