Government to fully accept the UN report on UK poverty and act on its recommendations.

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UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, has investigated the impact of Tory austerity measures, Universal Credit, Brexit and digitization on people living in poverty and has concluded that there are about 14 million people living in poverty and about 1.5 million people who currently live in destitution in the UK.

In his report, Mr Alston speaks of "callous” austerity policies, rising levels of child poverty and human rights violations and he strikingly concludes that Tory austerity policies appear to be "driven by a political desire to undertake social re-engineering rather than economic necessity". In other words, an exercise in Eugenics by stealth!

Mr Alston recently gave an interview to Channel 4 (see below) in which he expressed surprise over the Tory government’s response to his report. He explains how they appeared to be “unconcerned” or perhaps even in denial over the significantly increased levels of destitution in the UK. Apparently some Tory ministers don’t even believe there is poverty in the UK and they think that food banks are “just an occasional phenomenon” and even a part of normal life. 

By dismissing this report and refusing to acknowledge that there is even a problem, the government are effectively shirking off all responsibility and avoiding having to act on its recommendations.

I’ve set up this petition to let the Tory government know that the British people will not be ignored, dismissed or forgotten and I’m urging anyone who's either been on the receiving end of government 'austerity policies' or has witnessed others who have suffered unnecessarily (or by design) as a result of government policies to please sign and share this petition far and wide. Putting our names and stories to the statistics makes them a lot harder to ignore and even if we fail to get the government to change its policies immediately we will hopefully still be able to add weight to the UN report and influence public opinion – which itself can be a pretty powerful force for change, especially at the ballot box!