Rescue Unaccompanied Children of Calais Jungle

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Rescue Unaccompanied Children of Calais Jungle

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Nakay Kpaka started this petition to Rt Hon Theresa May (Prime Minister of Great Britain) and

As the child of refugees, I won't let up on this. 

A 14 year-old boy, Raheemullah Oryakhel from Afghanistan, died last month after falling from a truck that was travelling to the UK.  

Raheemullah was one of many unaccompanied children who had the legal right to be in the UK, but due to what now seems to be response-fatigue from the British government regarding the refugee crisis and having grown discouraged at application delays, he took a chance. One that cost him his life. 

A census carried out by the charity Help Refugees last month estimated that the camp population has increased to over 10,000 for the first time, a 12% increase on last month, with 1,179 minors, of whom 87% are travelling alone. 

387 refugee children living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ have been identified as eligible for protection in the UK according to the Alf Dubs amendment, but not one child has been transferred to the UK since the legislation was introduced earlier this year. 

Together we can help to save each one of these children's lives by calling on Theresa May and Amber Rudd to prioritise their safety and relocation.

These children are scared, hungry and believe that their situation in the Calais Jungle is just as bad as the one they've fled from. 
Human traffickers are preying on their despair by convincing them that the safe and legal governmental process of seeking asylum is ineffective and that climbing on to back of trucks is their route to freedom.

Along with exposure to disease and sexual exploitation winter is approaching. We need to ensure that they're rescued from these inadequate, dangerous and unsuitable conditions.

Our government needs to take a more proactive stance on the crisis not just a responsive one. 

Theresa May & Amber Rudd:
We are urging you to expedite the relocation process and uphold the promise made by your government to protect unaccompanied children who have been identified as eligible for safeguarding in the UK. 

Delays are costing lives, the lack of urgency is throwing away futures. Theresa May, you along with the rest of our government need to act NOW. 

As the child of refugees I can only hope that the British government will give these children what they gave my parents, myself and my future generations to come - a chance at life. 

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which they treat their child." - Nelson Mandela 

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This petition had 41,238 supporters

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