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Give UK citizens the same rights as EU citizens allowing non EU spouse and family into UK

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Mrs May wants EU migrants to have the same rights as British Citizens? well that means they must abide by our laws on immigration, they cannot bring into this country a spouse and family from outside the EU unless they are subjected to the same laws that apply to UK citizens which are Minimum salary level £18,600 rising by another £3,800 for one child and £2,400 for each additional child.  ( they must show being employed 6 months minimum) Pay the NHS charge for each person, English exam, Visa costs (highest in Europe) No access to benefits, housing etc. If she does not do this it will show double standards discrimination and racism against our own citizens. She is allowing EU migrants to bring in their Non EU family freely over the next 2 years ( and possibly longer if the EU get their way) while our own citizens are denied this right .

It’s outrageous to think that she has denied our own people the right to these freedoms to a family life, and as a double whammy we pay through our taxes to fund EU migrants with non EU family. They can arrive  here freely without immigration restrictions that a UK citizen is subjected to and have access to benefits and housing, she has denied this right to our own British citizens, who pay her salary and who she should represent. I feel like my car has been stolen and I have to pay for the petrol and insurance while the culprit drives around for the next 2 years! 

Mrs May thinks the country is behind her, just shows her statement of a country “fair for all not the few” does not refer to you if you are British !


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