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Get endometriosis recognised as a disability

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I want to raise awareness of endometriosis and I would love to get endometriosis recognised as a disability. 11 year ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Had numerous operations to remove but nothing worked apart from pregnancy and breastfeeding. The pain was so bad at every period. Then the bleeding got really bad and I hardly had any break which in turn made me anaemic and very run down. I was ill every other week due to low immunity. I was very lucky to have had three children as most who have endo cannot conceive. In 2012 I had a resection of the lining of the womb, endometrial ablation and hernia repair to my belly button. At this stage they had to sterilise me due to not having any lining in my womb from the ablation. 3 months later the symptoms started again so I asked for a hysterectomy. The gynea was very against this due to my age,28! I was given zoladex injections which are used in breast cancer patients and also patients to treat menorrhagia (heavy periods) this stopped my periods and put me into menopause for 9 months until they couldn't offer me anymore, as it's unsafe after 9 treatments. The symptoms of menopause were horrendous. Night sweats, migraines, depression, mood swings, crying and just not my usual self. My hrt helped but not enough. Even so I still went through with a hysterectomy aged 29 in November 2013. 6 weeks later I was rushed back with a perforated bowel and hospitalised. It's safe to say the start of 2014 was just awful. I was tired and sick of feeling like crap. Few years on I'm now able to do things I couldn't before such as exercise and simple things like walking my kids to school without horrendous pain. I'm scared that In time I will feel like I did 11 year ago and that's not what I want. People do not realise how endo affects your whole life from holding down a job, looking after your kids and yourself. I want to get endo recognised as a disability and be the voice for other endo sisters so that if you cannot work due to pain then there will be help out there for us. Our disease is incurable and it's a life changing thing to deal with so please sign and help us


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