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Get British Government To Pay Family Members For Childcare

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As of now if you are eligble for help with childcare, you have to use ofsted registered childcare, nurseries/playgroups and childminders.

Lots of parents use members of their families/friends for childcare, some reasons are: they trust family/friends, when your child is ill you wont be forced to leave work and rush to collect them, during school holidays you dont have to try and find time off work. It's painful leaving your children in the care of strangers, we all know ofsted registered doesnt mean your child cannot be abused or is any safer than being in the care of family/friends, we've seen many instances of physical and sexual abuse by ofsted registered childcare providers.

Some people have no family to help them but may have a close friend able to do this, if the public dont receive benefits for free, why should the government expect friends and family to work for free ?

 The aim of this government is to get as many people as possible of benefits, by paying family members/friends this would ensure many more people would be off benefits. I do believe they should have to gain some formal qualification, (maybe a family/friends childcare ofsted registration for 2 children much easier and less formal and care would be in childs house)  if you look after more than two children then have to be fully registered unless you can prove a direct relation to you.

Many more parents would be available for full time work as they dont have to worry about some of the problems that arise out of using ofsted registered childcare.

The British government need to consider this option whilst forcing people into 0 hour contracts and to do 35 hour job searches for Universal Credit

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