Get ALL retail stores closed on boxing day!

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A petition to close all retail stores on Boxing Day! It has been tried so many times but is yet to succeed! Let’s keep trying! Christmas is a time for family, what sort of Christmas is it if you get to see your children or any part of your family for 5 minutes before bedtime on Christmas Day and then 5 minutes before you go to work Boxing Day! It’s not okay! Boxing Day is just as important and in some cases more important than Christmas Day! Especially when a family is extended or broken, both days are most certainly needed.

Close all stores on Boxing Day!

Personal story
I’m starting this petition because as a full time student, retail working Mam, the only day I have off is a Sunday! which is fine it’s my choice, but my little boy is 2 this year! the first year that he’s really going to understand Christmas, I want to be there for it all, not just Christmas day! I don’t want to have to rush home Christmas eve to see him 5 mins before bed time and then to rush off in the morning on boxing day! what kind of christmas is that?! (this year luckily i’m off on boxing day but some work colleagues aren’t!) CLOSE RETAIL ON BOXING DAY WHO IS EVEN OUT SHOPPING ON BOXING DAY?! NO ONE! they’re all eating turkey sandwiches watching kids play with toys and christmas films!