Free 'X' from Newton Lodge Medium Secure Hospital, Detained Basically for Saying the Word ‘Parliament’

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It is important that everyone get behind this campaign as it reflects a number of important issues, but most of all it reflects how a sane person albeit with maybe one of two social difficulties, or learning difficulties can be literally sabotaged by UK Safeguarding agencies in the name of counter terrorism and mental health.

At the end of the day, more people are harmed in day to day domestic/social disturbances than in any perceived terrorist attack but yet that amount of investment that goes into UK Safeguarding is scandalous. People like 'X' are having their Human Rights obliterated because such agencies are keen to show they are 'catching the criminals', when in fact they are criminalising the victims.

'X's detainment shows the extent that UK safeguarding projects such as 'PREVENT' and agencies such as 'CHANNEL' are failing the tax payer, failing Asian communities, and failing the Public at large. People should be aware of the extent that these agencies are engaging with health services across the U.K., and the extent they are telling Health Care Professionals, Community Psychiatrist Nurses and so forth how best to do their jobs, and encouraging them to manipulate evidence, conceal important truths.

It seems that U.K. Safeguarding agencies, and mental health services have vested interests in denying vulnerable people their rights, and organising care plans for those they do not trust or wish to coerce.

Hopefully this petition will encourage people not to sit in silence while our civil liberties are being corroded by a corrupt medical psychiatric industrial complex. It will encourage people to speak up and be heard, fight for their rights and seek to abolish 'mental slavery'.

We call for new powers to protect vulnerable adults, who without an independent assessing body may stand to lose years of their lives based on roughshod decision makers with vested interests and little of no cultural knowledge.

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