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Free movement of citizens between the UK and the USA

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The USA was built on 13 colonies created by the British, and the majority of the founding fathers who wrote the US constitution, although born in these colonies, had British ancestry. Had the UK not sent their people to the US, those 13 colonies would have never been built, and there would be no USA today. There may have been an American Revolution for independence, but skip a few hundred years, and today Britain is America's closest ally. 

Yet despite all of this, it is still more difficult for a citizen of the UK, then most other citizens of Europe to move to the US, because unlike our European neighbours, we are not entitled to enter the famous 'greencard lottery'. So our ancestors created the land of the free, yet we have the least freedom out of most other Europeans in getting a visa to live and work in America.

With Brexit just around the corner, there are already talks for the UK and the USA to have closer trade agreements, and what better trade agreement then to have the trade of citizens and workers between these two powerful countries. We are not asking to move to the US and change the constitution and take over again like in King George III's time. All we are asking is that we are able to move to the US and live and work in peace under the laws already governing the US, and the same for those in the US wishing to live and work in the UK.

Of course when we say free movement of citizens this cannot be unlimited to just anyone who wants to move to claim benefits. But perhaps it should be unlimited in a similar way to the current rules of the EU, where after 3 months citizens who are not simply there for the purpose of study, can only stay if they are workers or can prove that they have a real, genuine chance of finding a job and are actively searching, or if they are close family members of those entitled to stay, such as a spouse/partner/child/dependent, or if they have enough money to fully support themselves. Enacting a prohibition on nationality discrimination for both access to employment and during employment would also be needed, and would thus get rid of the visa sponsorship requirements that put employers off hiring international employees.

Perhaps if this request goes too far, quotas of how many we each let in per year on conditions similar to the EU ones discussed above, on some kind of first come first serve basis taking qualifications and skills into account, may be a possible option to start with.

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