Forcefully removing Legal citizens partner - broken husband

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Good Morning,

I am Dipesh Vyas, I am writing to share my painful story as a broken husband.

While our beloved Prince Harrys US-born fiancée is all set to become a British citizen and will be able to call the UK her home forever. -I offer my heartfelt congratulations and wish the royal couple may they lead a long and happy life! My wife of 8.5 years will be soon deported. She is currently kept a prisoner at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre. No husband should be put into the situation like mine.

Marring my wife was the best day of my life. But now my life my happiness has been snatched away from me by the home office's illegal rules of deporting settled citizens wife and not giving any window of reconsideration. I am nothing but a broken husband, who is determined to fight for justice. Hence I write to you requesting you to stop the injustice from happening.

Home Office detained my wife on 24th January on the grounds of refused spouse visa. We made on time application, submitted every document required to prove our eligibility required by the home office - bank statements, income proof, marriage certificates, our pictures still they refused her application. The refusal letter said we made the application late and this is not true! the letter has several other discrepancies, poor grammar, spelling the citation of law was incorrect, spouse visa was not considered as a spouse visa and we got this confirmed by more than one immigration experts. The solicitor's advised us that we challenge home office's decision. We started the process but they detained her. They didn't even give us change to explain ourselves, disregarded our pleads of reconsideration. I have been going to meet her during meeting hours every day in a hall full of people and officers watching us. Where do we live in 2018 UK or Babylon era? Forcefully removing legal citizens partner and keeping her in prison with visiting hours....which county has this type of law?

After spending thousands on these expensive applications, the home office made the decision on 18th October and served it on 17th January. Did they forget to post?! How can an institution like this make such an error? The decision was served on 17th January and my wife got detained on 24th January. Why are they in a hurry to break a family, where is the humanity in doing this? They didn't even give us any chance to challenge them. They coiled the simple spouse visa to a very complicated case. She was handcuffed, told she was illegal, her phone and personal belonging was taken away from her. Home office didn't bother notifying me that they were detaining my wife to be deported. Is this even ethical in the UK?

I believe in the power of media and I am confident if you are willing to share my story not only we will be served justice, this type of unjust will never happen to any other family.

Many, many thanks in advance in anticipation.

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