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Force Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to participate in several Live Televised Debate's

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We as British Citizens are facing the single biggest decision we will make during our lifetime. Choosing the correct Party to lead us through Brexit negotiations.

The leader we choose to conduct Brexit negotiations will ultimately define what issues are focused upon during the 2-year negotiation process. Issues include; migration, trade, food standards, climate change, medicine and healthcare (NHS), workers rights, attitude towards war etc.
The issues we focus on will sculpt & define the society we live in today, ultimately the decision we take will change the way live, change the way we eat, change the way we treat each other and the world for better or worse.

The general public need to make a fully informed decision, to achieve this goal not one but several Fully Televised Live Debates should take place between the 2 leaders of the main UK parties; Conservative Theresa May & Labour Jeremy Corbyn 

We cannot repeat the same mistakes made during the Brexit campaign; misinformation, alternative truths, misleading figures on a bus, fake news all need to become a thing of the past. Politicians have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted in front of the media, on the doorstep or on the side of a bus.  

We live in a democracy, which prides itself on lengthy intellectual debates to conclude significant decisions. Let us exercise our democratic right and force our politically elected Public Servants; Conservative Theresa May and Labour Jeremy Corbyn to participate in several Live Televised debates so we as British Citizen and make a Fully Informed Decision.

Ultimately let us make the right decision, the old way is clearly not working, the responsibility is on every Man, Woman and Young Voting Adult to do what we must and ensure we carve a Fair Successful Society is carved for the future.


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